TV Based System - Hifi vs. Studio Monitors

I am am looking to upgrade the speakers I use for a straightforward 2 channel TV system. Currently I am using the TOSLINK output of the TV into an R2R DAC, which directly feeds a pair of Eve Audio SS207 active monitors. The results are good but not great.  But the results are better than what I used previously, Fyne F 303s. While the Fyne’s were fine for music, I found them lacking with TV programming and movies. I often found the dialog hard to understand. The Eve monitors are much better in this regard. 

I’ve read that studio monitors and hifi speakers are voiced differently, meaning the monitors are designed for neutrality, while hifi is voiced for music. Any truth to this?

Based on my experiences, I am leaning toward a pair of studio monitors in the $3000 range. Genelec, Focal, PMC, Adam and others all make suitable options.

But am I making a mistake by ignoring your typical hifi speakers? If I go this route, the SB Acoustics Satori Rinjani TeXtreme 2.5-Way speaker is of interest.

Any comments on pro vs,  hifi for my needs? Appreciate any feedback.







What you need are speakers made by a company who makes not only fine stereo speakers but also Award Winning Studio Monitors & Award Winning car audio...
What you want are Dynaudio's...

Using the optical connection from the TV to your R2R DAC is a problem from the start, but maybe that’s all you got.  That said, look at ATC speakers as they’ll deliver the midrange clarity you’re looking for in spades.