TV's... what does the typical audiophile have?

Like a good stereo system, does the quality of the picture matter to the enjoyment of a program? Or is a high quality picture even necessary to "get the message" of the show?
So what do you watch your favorite show on?
Sharp XVZ-10000 DLP front projector and 100" screen. I have not watched network TV since I was a kid. All of my viewing is movies and sports, but I'm as avid about both of those as I am music.

Nobody should be staying away from a projection system just because you have to watch in a dark room. There is no doubt that to get the best picture, you should watch in a dark room, but that is true for basically any TV. The DLP projectors really send a bright picture - I could have mine on in a completely lit room if I was just watching casually, and I watch all the time with lighting at the back of the room where I'm sitting. The DLPs are also incredibly easy to set up and require no ongoing tweaking, ala CRT front projectors.

Also, while I concur that there is a lot of dreck on TV, there is absolutely no reason to abstain from TV because it has commercials. If you haven't discovered Tivo you should - you'll never watch another commercial in your life, including when watching sports, if that's your goal.
Wow Richingoth! I had a Toshiba too. 36af61. It was a gorgeous standard definition tube, IMO. My mom has the 27af41 and loves it.
9" CRT front projection with Faroudja NR+ scaler, C-band satellite, and 100" screen.
Typical audiophile would answer, "What's a TV?"

I have a 27" GAOO Panasonic from '91. I download lots of stuff and watch on my laptop which has a 14" screen. I prefer watching things on my laptop. And, I am considering getting the sorta new Sharp 17" monitor/tv.

I am a History channel junkie... I was watching "Samurai" instead of the Laker game last nite... = X