TW Raven Acustic AC Owners

I will soon be receiving a TW Raven Acustic AC TT with one motor. It is being supplied with Stillpoint Feet. I currently use an Adona Rack with a 3/4" thick TT shelf made specifically for a TT. Please advise what kind of shelf you are using with your TW Raven. I know that SRA has a relationship with TW Raven. I am also aware of the price for this shelf and the HRS Shelf as well. Are they worth the money or are owners of this table finding less expensive ways to get the best out of this table?
As with ANY turntable (unsuspended OR suspended)......placing on a cantilevered wall-mounted shelf is hard to beat.
The Raven AC is heavy so that a masonry wall is recommended or really rigid bolting directly to studs in a plasterboard is necessary.
To mount on a rack sitting on the need to spend $20,000 like the Continuum Audio Caliburn stand for a similar result to wall mounting.
I know that one member here uses a Minus-K support, used for things like lab equipment I believe, (microscopes, etc), for his Raven AC.

When mine shows up it will be going onto the top of my Arcici Suspense rack. I have toyed with the idea of getting the top cover replaced with a custom cut 3/4" piece of slate as that is supposed to be a recommended support from TW-Acustic. Hopefully with the air bladders, that is sufficient because I don't really have other options, (wall mount in my living room where this will be going isn't an option).

I currently have my AC Raven sitting on a custom platform constructed by K-Works. That sits on modified short table.
Nothing too fancy but I probably need to look at possible other options.
The table is short however, (18" high?) which I was told is good. The lower the better. The Table/TT sit beside the solid equipment/record cabinet.
Hope that helps.

Rick (RWD)