Tweaks I'd like to see . . .

You could make a case that we have all the audio gizmos we could ever need (and then some).

Still, I just KNOW there will more coming down the pike, so what are the five most urgently needed tweaks?

Here are mine:

Audiophile air conditioner, makes sure your air has exactly the right mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, humidity for the barometric pressure to ensure highly accurate sound propagation.

Audiophile sweater and hat. Did you know that the earliest reflections are from your own clothing? After spending terabucks on your room and equipment, do you want to smear the sound reaching your ears with poorly designed clothing?

Garmin Audiophile map service. Routes traffic away from your neighborhood during peak listening hours, giving you blacker blacks and greater dynamic range.

Audiophile grade carpeting. The biggest reflecting surface in your room is currently producing zero dollars of revenue for the high end industry, and this must STOP!!

Audiophile communities. New developments of homes/condos with strict construction standards, room dimensions and zoning regulations. Additional safeguards include strict limits on when lawnmowers, chain saws and motorcycles may be operated. Every outlet in every room gets it's own shielded 30 amp OHNO copper circuit.
Hmmm . . . solar/battery power supply? This might actually work, and could be a TRUE dedicated circuit, not even connected to the grid.

To take full advantage, you'd need an Audio grade Power Boot Camp. Similar to a power conditioner, but this would take it a step further, training the electronics so they are ready, willing and able to be amplified.

The high end models would naturally come in specific models for class A, AB and D amplifiers, as well as for digital components and video. These would have Special Forces level training circuits to fully prepare the electrons for their mission. They would use a combination of Quantum and Popular Mechanics to identify and separate potentially noisy/uncooperative electrons. These would be sent to the GITMO circuit, where advanced nanosecond feedback methods are used to either get marching in lockstep or else . . .

Of course, these essential audio devices would give insanely black blacks, but do NOT hook up two of these in series, or you risk creating a black hole, which would adversely affect your listening experience and more importantly.

A black hole in your vicinity would really be a problem and should be avoided at all costs. But I wonder if PRAT would be much better? It could be a useful side effect.

It may be difficult to see if the equipment is still on as the LEDs would suffer the doppler effect as red shift sets in. You may get inky black backgrounds though.
Ncarv I agree an audiophile woman I think is the ultimate tweak for me. My girlfriend thinks that her grandmas 20 year old akai midi system with turntable sounds just as good as my current system. My audio related disposable income would increase about 10 fold.

Subwoofer with built in bong, firing huge smoke rings at your head with every thump.
I would love to see a break-in CD for new room treatments. It takes so long before they start to sound good otherwise.