Tweaks, money pit or real value?

I’ve had my share of tweaks from isolation devices to contact enhancers. The thing that seems to always follow them is how soon I seem to not recognize the improvement anymore. Initially wow that sounds incredible and then after awhile acclimation sets in and here we go again. Maybe not quite like that, but at times yes. I’ve come to the conclusion tweaks are a money pit and my wallet is a lot less valuable than it once was. 😂 


The hobby in general is a money pit, but tweaks from big names generally are the worst. My idea is look on the used market and see which item loses it most value when going to try and sell it later. Those are what I consider the biggest money pits. The bottom line is, if you love what it does then who cares if it is a money pit or even viewed as snake oil, embrace it and enjoy it!

Resist! Get a $$back guarantee! Believing is hearing! Cables do matter, especially USB ones. What seems obvious in a hotel room may no do the same thn in your house. By great recordings of "your kind" of music. Enjoy

@bsmith it makes cleaning dust bunnies much easier.

If you are looking for science call Bill Nye LOL

static electricity from carpet and sometimes polyurethane flooring, home wiring attached to bottom of flooring...and it’s Free and easy to even if it doesn’t work there are benefits...not sure if this is science