Tweeters are silent on my Wilson audio Sofia 2

Hello everybody, I’ve had the Wilson Audio Sofia 2 for over 10 years , always had a feeling that there were lacking the crisp clear highs I’ve enjoyed from the previous Sofia 1 .
I changed locations , amps , speaker cables , processor to no avail - still very muffy dull sound lacking treble/highs in all types of music , in both stereo and multi channel .
I already changed the resistors - no change in sound .
I hooked up to the same set up other speakers from another room (SVS Ultra , B&O) and also my center channel Wilson Audio Watch speaker and I am getting great sound so I know it is not my gear that causing the issue.
Gear used :
Speaker cables :Transparent reference MusicWave Super.
Amp : Emotiva XPA 2 -Gen 2 & Outlaw Audio 770
Processor: Marantz AV8805
CD : Marantz 6007
Subwoofer : Velodyne DD 15
Surround in wall speakers : SpeakerCraft AIM Cinema 5
Interconnects : Mogami XLR for main and sub and Transparent audio RCA to rest of the speakers .
Did anybody encounter or heard of this issue ? Any input is greatly appreciated.

 It's not rocket science. Check the connections or replace tweeters
Wow. This should have been addressed 10 years ago.  Are you bi wiring?  Are jumpers missing?   
I know , I was too busy then and kept "putting it aside " , I moved and it was in the crates for some time .
No bi wiring , clean connections with very good speaker cables .
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