Tweeters, Scanspeak or Seas

Would anyone share their experiences on the performance of the Scanspeak Reveltor or the Seas Millenium tweeter? Im leaning on trying the Tyler ref3's and have a choice on which tweeter to chose, Tyler owners your input would be appreciated! I enjoy Jazz, female vocals, blues and will be using tubes with a digital front end.
Bartockfan, It's Sunday, a slow day for most. Why don't you take a moment to describe your 'hearing sensibilities' so we can all appreciate the value of your post more clearly (not that I necessarily disagree with your conclusion). :-)
If you are a fan of the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter in your Sonata III's, I think you will find the Scanspeak to fall in between the two, sharing some of the chiseled focus of the Dynaudio and some of the emotional warmth of the Seas.

Let us know what you decide, and how you like the outcome...once you've allowed some major break-in hours on the speakers.
Ive owned the Millenium on my Audes Orpheus and found them to be an absolute pleasure to listen to Boa, and yes I do enjoy the Esotar tweeter but I am starting to develop OFH, ( old fart hearing ) and find myself missing the smooth extension and decay of the Seas. Tyler's ref 3's remind me of Jospeh Audio's Pearls, Im not making a direct comparison but at about 5k they seem like a safe bet. Thanks for your help and looks like I will get the Seas tweeter, I think after the Jm labs titanium, B&W Nautilis, and the Esotar Im ready for something a little less forward and revealing.
Newbee, I've heard countless speakers in the past 35 yrs. I had one of the finest in my 1981 Philips 2 ways.
I believe its the same tweet used in one of the Macintosh designs. But after hearing the T25, the Philips weaknesses were clearly revealed. As good as the philips was, the T25 clearly showed to be the result of 35 yrs of further danish research and testing.
Now of course its only an opinion and thus modifies my belief as to my sensibilities. We all should feel we know what sounds best for us.
When I first heard the Seas I knew this is the tweet for me, no other would substitute.
Now you do realize we are talking subilities here. But are we not all in search of the finest speaker in all subilities/nuances of bass, mids, highs?
I believe there is atweet that is very highly praised over at the Madisound speaker forum, Many claim its the finest.
But of course I'm not buying. Its the Seas' T25 that is the standard by which all other tweets are measured by.

Anyone know the name of the tweet highly praised over at madisound, has 3 different models??
Keep in mind that the drivers and tweeters are important as they do have their own characteristics. However, the crossovers and enclosure types are very important as well. I have heard speakers with best of breed drivers and tweeters just sound, just okay.

I have also heard other speakers using the same drivers blow me away. I guess my point is don't get to hung up on drivers. Find the speakers in your price range and go hear them if at possible.

Audition, Audition, Audition.

Good Luck,