Tweeters, Scanspeak or Seas

Would anyone share their experiences on the performance of the Scanspeak Reveltor or the Seas Millenium tweeter? Im leaning on trying the Tyler ref3's and have a choice on which tweeter to chose, Tyler owners your input would be appreciated! I enjoy Jazz, female vocals, blues and will be using tubes with a digital front end.
Good then from, based on your opinion its final, the Scan is better than the Seas'.
Thanks for your sharing your experience.
"the Seas' Millinium is DARK".
I wouldnt call the Seas dark, what I enjoyed most about this tweeter was that at higher volumes when I wanted some slam I found a more tolerable balance between treble and bass. My most memorable and enjoyable track was listening to the tapping of cymbals on Mighty Sam Mclain's so tired of these blues. Heard the same track a few hours later on my friend's Dynaudio C2 and the sweetness just wasnt there. Of course the room and associated gear plays a role here, I guess there is just no better or worse..its all a matter of preference. Thank you all for an enjoyable thread.
Just purchased a Focus FS88 a few weeks ago with a 1 and 1/8 inch scanspeak revaltor. Its a beautiful tweeter I could definatly live with, does everything my old Seas did with a touch more refinement. For my tastes its a huge improvement over the Titanium & Berlyllium, this Focus sounds better than my Altos, JM labs Utopias, 800N and absolutly crushes the Wilson Sophia.
If I may ask something relating to this thread topic, which speakers makers of yesteryear use excellent drivers and can be found today used for a reasonable price. I picked up my Merlins a few years back for a very reasonable price.
One thing I contemplated is to build a heavier cabinet for drivers that originally came in light weight cabinets but in which the drivers are of high quality and can sound better.