Two greats from '84.

These were popular in ’84 when released. Joe Jackson - Body and Soul; Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Thunderdome. I enjoy them even today. ChaCha Loco is awesome, as is the entire album. 🙉


Is it surprising that music that was released 40 years ago might still be enjoyable?

@larsman My understanding is, Steve how was on the 1984 release doing his guitar work. Just a friendly fyi....@tylermunns, I am not sure what you mean, " surprised " ?

@mrdecibel You made a point to note the LPs came out 40 years ago.  
You then used the term, “even today,” as in, “I enjoy (these LPs) even today.”  
It sounded like you found it to be noteworthy or “surprising” that, “even today,” you enjoy these 40-year-old albums.

Those two were indeed on my hot rotation.

"Body and Soul" continued on my hot rotation for more than a decade after its release, and I listened to it earlier this year.

One of my best concert memories is seeing Joe Jackson perform "Body and Soul" in its entirety in a wonderful old Art Deco theater in Los Angeles. Tremendous experience. Brings a smile to face as I type.