Two greats from '84.

These were popular in ’84 when released. Joe Jackson - Body and Soul; Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Thunderdome. I enjoy them even today. ChaCha Loco is awesome, as is the entire album. 🙉



I saw JJ (mid 80's) @ The Greek (he was super).

Is that the concert you mention?


@dekay, I’m embarrassed to say it was 1989 and we saw him at the Wiltern on the “Blaze of Glory” tour.

The concert I thought I remembered was “Night and Day”.

Man, my brain is going, going… 

@tylermunns I know many people who do not listen to 40 year old music. However, I do, and beyond....To everyone. BTW, WTTT, with Mark O"Toole on that bass, is a mighty fine recording to check out one's system's rhythm.