Two surprising things I found that improved my imaging and staging...

... First off I have a odd room for my two channel listening and have been getting beat up trying to find proper placement. I have been reading a lot here and on the inter web and decided to use the room setup calculator on the Cardas site. ( )

#1 was how close to each other the speakers are now. I wouldn’t have placed them that close together.

#2 was that the best imaging and staging is with zero toe in.

Having a hard time wrapping my head around these changes but it’s the best my system has sounded since I finished the putting it together. lol

Drbond…. I started with getting the speakers square with the front wall and the heads square with the bass cabs… I toed in millimeters at a time and the imaging got worse each time. So, back to zero toe in. I am surprised actually.
Generally speaking broad dispersion speakers require little to no toe in. I learned this with my Monitor Audio floor standers
There is a local dealer that specializes in Master Setting speakers.

I started out with my speakers closer to the back wall and as soon as I placed them 18 inches from the back wall and measure each speaker's distanced from the left and right wall they really sounded significantly better.  I also made sure they were both pointed exactly to the listening position.