Two surprising things I found that improved my imaging and staging...

... First off I have a odd room for my two channel listening and have been getting beat up trying to find proper placement. I have been reading a lot here and on the inter web and decided to use the room setup calculator on the Cardas site. ( )

#1 was how close to each other the speakers are now. I wouldn’t have placed them that close together.

#2 was that the best imaging and staging is with zero toe in.

Having a hard time wrapping my head around these changes but it’s the best my system has sounded since I finished the putting it together. lol

According to Cardas my 16 ft wide room should have the speakers 7 ft to rear wall, HUH ?
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the goal to get a solid center soundstage, great sound,and the speakers disappear? Towing in too much gives away the location of the speaker. Again I’m referring to my Monitor Audio broad desperation speakers. 
Since I moved from a 1200 sq ft listening space in NYC to a 550 sq ft listening space in The Hudson River Valley, my speakers give me the greatest natural balance, detail and spaciousness when pointed straight out, not toed in, and when making the space between each and the side walls equal to or slightly greater than the space between the speakers themselves. 
Two surprising things I found that improved my imaging and staging.

Best for sound stage imagine and depth is to have nothing between the speakers (even the wall) just have a small wall section behind the speakers for bass loading.

Cheers George
Thank you for your post and link @captbeaver 
I am in a similar situation and I was wondering how far apart your speakers are now?