Two surprising things I found that improved my imaging and staging...

... First off I have a odd room for my two channel listening and have been getting beat up trying to find proper placement. I have been reading a lot here and on the inter web and decided to use the room setup calculator on the Cardas site. ( )

#1 was how close to each other the speakers are now. I wouldn’t have placed them that close together.

#2 was that the best imaging and staging is with zero toe in.

Having a hard time wrapping my head around these changes but it’s the best my system has sounded since I finished the putting it together. lol

And it’s a whole lot of fun to play with setup! :)
I will not call connecting and disconnecting highly cosly amplifiers or speakers one after the other "fun" save for a reviewer perhaps...

It is more fun to reach OPTIMAL S.Q. for a chosen system in a chosen room,for my "chosen" ears, studying acoustic with information, experiments and listenings...

After all, really creating  a good setup has nothing to do with changing components each month....

But perhaps it is me who are crazy, or worst, too poor to buy all these stuff...Then in the obligation to resolve myself and my thinking to be  about  less elevated "high end" matter than a new piece of gear : acoustic...

In my listening/TV room l have my two channel & 5.1 HT systems in a low console My room has vaulted ceilings and my listening position is eleven from my Maggie’s l have six feet from the center of my speakers to the side walls For critical listening l grab my tape measure and position my Maggie’s four feet from the wall and nine feet apart with slight toe in All measurements are within + - 1/8 inch and symmetrical
Typically l find this setup to give me the best
soundstage with excellent inner detail I’ve tried numerous speaker locations so don’t be afraid to experiment I have located my speakers twelve feet apart and six feet into the room and all over the map, just to hear the results and confirm if l have my speakers in the best position Now when l get real bored l start messing with my two sub woofers locations, but not too often as they weigh 100 lb’s each!
I intentionally misspelled toe in as tow in to see if millercarbon would catch it and damn if he didn’t.  He had to be a grade school teacher in a past life because he never misses a misspelled word!
Glad for the mispell, intentional or not. Miller's wit gives me a chuckle.

I am in the equidistant camp and use about a 7.5ft triangle with the D2s and my ears (about 50" from front 20'w wall, 20wx17d room). Aimed just a bit, towed or toed, behind my head for disappearing into the music.

Here's a site where you populate in detail your room dimensions including ceiling height, the locations of you speakers, the height of the speaker drivers, your listening position, your seated ear height and the program will show you the 1st reflection points on all the walls, the ceiling and the floor of your room.  Good tool vs. the mirror method.