Two-Year-Olds and Turntables...

Of all the off limits household fixtures available to test one's serenity, our granddaughter has zeroed in on my humble-but-muchly-treasured MMF-5 as central object of interest when she comes to visit us. I really really really don't want to move the turntable from its current, meticulously calculated, location if at all possible (It's low, unobstructed by superfluous cabinetry, and on the side wall relative to speakers and LCD monitor.) but would be very interested in how some others have successfully dealt with this type of situation from a kinder/gentler standpoint.
Thanks all!

For the time being, I've opted to go with a variation on the acrylic cover with the out-of-sight-out-of-mind principle thrown in for good measure -- a hastily fabricated cover of 1" X 8" frame topped with a piece of quarter inch plywood and a little bit cut out of the back for the connecting wires to run. Cheap enough to just pick up and toss into the garage when our granddaughter's not visiting and hopefully ugly enough to deter the fascinations of pre-kindergartners when it's in service protecting the turntable. If this doesn't work, I'll probably opt for a Target wall mount setup but have really wanted to keep the current location if at all possible due to a combination of optimum sonics and optimum visual harmony in the room

If all this fails, I suppose I'll call Dr. Laura and face the inevitable verbal
I agree with "Uncle Albert". I had exposed tubes just off the floor, and quickly trained my babies to stay away from them.

"Protecting" the children doesn't really protect them. However, just like everything else in this hobby, your mileage may vary.
My parents preferred electric shock treatments. It really played hell with my potty training. I didn't mind getting swatted with a rolled up newspaper, but I hated having my nose rubbed in it and thrown out the back door. We are very close.