Tyler Acc Linnbrook Sigs Upgrade 2 Vandersteen 3's

I'm thinking/reading that these TA LB Sigs would be an upgrade to my Vandy 3's...but I'm wondering what kind of upgrade would they be do you think ?

- upgrade
- Upgrade
- UPgrade
Wow...69 views, not a response...let me guess...I think the reason is the Vandys are not in the same league as the Tyler, from what I read. :)
Why not the Decade line from Tyler? I've owned Vandersteen 3's in the distant past. The D1's I now have are in a completely different league. Much cleaner, faster and certainly much better bottom end.
I think the new TA stuff is beyond me right now in price...
Are you saying the D1's are -that- much 'better' than the V3's or the D1's ? Not that it matters as the TA Lin-Sig is what I could afford...
I owned Vandersteen 2C's (not 3's) and Linbrook Sigs and they are very different sounding speakers. In my opinion the Sigs have a very forward sound as opposed to the laid-back sound of the Vandersteen. The Sigs were also very directional with a very small sweet spot. If you moved your listening position at all (vertically or horizonatally), the sound changed significantly. the Sigs were also a very difficult load for an amp, and they were very sensitive to all upstream equipment. To me the Sigs had great resolution, transparency and detail, but it came at the expense of sounding forward with alot of emphasis on the midrange. The Sigs are beautiful speakers and Tyler Acoustics is a great company, so you can't go wrong, but only you will be able to decide if they are an upgrade.
Why don't you call Ty and discuss with him and see what kind of price you can get. He also gets trades alot. Worth a shot!!!