Tyler Acc Linnbrook Sigs Upgrade 2 Vandersteen 3's

I'm thinking/reading that these TA LB Sigs would be an upgrade to my Vandy 3's...but I'm wondering what kind of upgrade would they be do you think ?

- upgrade
- Upgrade
- UPgrade
Well, I think that the amp could be improved, the CDP, the TT, the lists goes on...Sound Anchors...so...I'm learning fast too, so that's a good thing...
Just to recap our discussion earlier
Install the true Bi wire speaker cables you have, keep the cables at least 4 to 6 inches apart if possible off the floor on cable lifters.
Install Sound anchors,read the manual with proper tilt back,if you have uneven floors you should ad thin spacers until even side to side.
Then do tilt back with supplied spacers then listen to just one speaker when you feel it is seamless from mid to treble that speaker is perfect adjust the other to the same using a laser for exact matching.

Please keep us posted with progress
Cheers Johnnyr
Well, at least I learned about the Tyler series and have a lot of new respect for their stuff....maybe someday, or a different room ? For the near future maybe some Vandy 3a-sigs ?