Tyler Accoustics Lynbrook system ones

I would like to hear from owners of these speakers on how they feel they perform. How is the sound stage, and imaging? I am looking for smooth highs and great mids I just ordered a pair and would like some feed back on these speakers from the owners since I went on feed back to buy these speakers. Thanks everyone for all the help my first thread ...Joe
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Agree with above, very difficult to really hear the end result at a dealer, and most prefer not loaning them out but a few will if you have a good relation with them. When I bought me first pair of Tylers I was going mostly on the good press as there wern't that many owners at the time but Ty assured me if I wasn't a 100% happy I could get a full refund, well I received the speakers and I was blown away with the sound and quality, I then decided to move up the Tyler line and bought the Ref III and planning no speaker upgrades. Sometimes you gotta take a chance, how many used components have you purchased off the gon and not heard them, I know I have many many times, no different with speakers....
Sorry to move the discussion sideways a bit, but has anyone heard Ty's new high sensitivity Pro Dynamic range, with compression horn tweeter. It looks like what I need for my SET amp, but it is so new, I don't know if anyone has them yet.
David12 - A couple of people here on Audiogon have heard and/or purchased the speakers and one had a pair up for sale due to financial reasons. I talked a couple of times with Ty while he was developing the speakers and he was very excited about them. Give Ty a call and he'll be happy to discuss them. One thing he will not do is to try and push them or oversell them - it's just not his style.