Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Super Towers

Has anyone heard these speakers in their system? How much much of a step up are they from the Linbrook Monitor? Thanks.

How is the imaging of the super towers vs. the Sig. monitors? And what amplification are you using?


Steve O.

The Super Towers sound very similar to the Sig Monitors but just have a 'larger' sound all around. They have a deeper, taller and wider soundstage than the Sig monitors, but not in an unrealistic manner. Both are very good at pinpointing the instruments within the soundstage.

I am currently using a Bryston front end -- SP2 and 4Bsst. I am not a tube guy -- never have been much for their sound. The Bryston gives excellent control over the bass, and is very musical. The newer SST series is quite a bit of a step up over the ST series -- smoother (not bright or harsh) and yet more air around the instruments.

The Sig monitors are excellent speakers, but if you have a decent sized room, I think you would appreciate the large sound of the Super Towers.

Thanks. New speakers are a bit down the road, but I'm in central Ky, so driving up to Ty's place is something I should do.

Steve O.
Hi Holly, nice review and was close to as I figured the image would be. Basically with the Super you are getting 2 added W17's per cabinet. Correct? Which only adds more midbass/midrange. Not sure why you would go that route when you can get dual W22'/per cabinet in the Lin Sig Sys at near the same price.
"as others have commented on the Seas drivers"...there are no "others" ...its me doing all the cheering. You are spot on about the Seas' imaging, percise, clean, accurate. The Seas Millenium Tweeter is much superior to any/all ribbons. I can't stand ribbons. Many over at Madiisound disscussion board have stated the Millenium tweeter is the best they ever heard. Its certainly the finest I've heard and even beats out my opd Philips tweeter which was the finest tweeter back in the 1980's. Macintosh even used the Philips tweeter.
Hi Bartokfan,
I chose the Super Towers over the Lin Sig System in that it throws a larger soundstage, according to Ty. Also, I have an excellent subwoofer, so what I wanted was a 'large' monitor (the Towers have the MMTMM config vs. the MTMWW config of the LSS, which would look to throw a larger soundstage, at least on paper). The Super Tower is also taller (a little taller than my Legacy Focus) than the LSS, which makes the sound stage taller. I like 'seeing' singers that are realistic in size, and the Towers do an excellent job of that.