Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Super Towers

Has anyone heard these speakers in their system? How much much of a step up are they from the Linbrook Monitor? Thanks.
Holly, from your comments on how classical music is projected as a full symphonic field of sound stage with EIGHT W18's in the Linbrook Super Tower's, this may help me to decide in my purchase of one of Tyler's models. The new Woodmere 2's have only 2 W18's, with 2 W15's + T25. I'm not so sure orchestra will have the body I'm looking for with the W15's. The T25 alone can carry all the violins, high winds etc, so that the cellos, bass cellos, violas, deep brass can have more voice with dual W18's in the Linbrook Sig Sys. So this may be my better choice which I was not sure of, that is until I read your comments. IF I could somehow intergrate a single W26 as sub into my system ( not sure if possible w/o dual amps) then I would also go with the Super Towers. But as it is , I'll stay with the Lin Sig Sys for its dual W22's, which carry excellent low bass. The Super Towers are now on my mind, and will take a closer look at them. Considering most of the orchestra is in the midbass.midrange fq's, I may have Ty cross 2 of the W18's in the Tower's real low, still they will not carry the authority of the W22's in the Lin Sug Sys. The cellos, bass cellos will sound "weaker' with via the W18's(Super Tower) vs the dual W22's(Lin Sig Sys) Tough call. Do I want the HUGE soundstage with great orch presence ,of the Super Towers, or the deeper voicing of the cellos in the Lin Sig Sys. Tough call.
I am not surprised the Millenium does not "get lost" among the voicing of four W18's.
Keep us up to date on your review of the Lin Super Tower. Very few folks know much about this model. In fact I hardly ever see Ty ad it.
Can anyone tell me differences between the Super Towers and the Woodmere II's?

Does the Woodmere have a "full" sound, or sound it "weak"?
Which Woodmere, 1's with the dual W26's, dual W18's, Millenium or the new 2's with Dual W22's, dual W15's, Millenium. So we are talking a very different speakers in terms of the "Seas Excel Sound" (a sound unique to the Seas Excel driver, you won't get this voicing in from any other driver). Not sure why Ty used the name Woodmere in this design since the only driver used as in the 1's is the Millenium tweeter. ...anyway, I'm guessing you mean the new Woodmere 2. You may be on to something here with a "weaker sound stage" due to the higher voicing of the dual W15's, vs the "beefer" image comming from the dual W18's in the W1's. I love the voice from the W18's in my Thor's and am not willing to risk losing that midrange/midbass imaging..that is if I went with the W1's. The W15 is a very small driver and I seriously doubt if it carries anywhere close to the midbass of the superb midbass from the W18's. Also the dual W22 used in the W2's can be found in the Lin Sig Sys design along with dual W18's. So I would have to go with the Lin Sig Sys vs the new W2's for my classical/orchestral/opera. And if I had the extra cash would take the W1's over the Lin Sig Sys. The W26 seems it would offer the "ultimate natural" bass offering. My 2 cents, when i talked with Ty months ago, he was still forming his opinion on the voicing characteristic of his new W2's with the W15. I hope to get up to his studio sometime later this yr, after I move back to my NO home. I'll bring along my JOR and modified Cayin 17, provided Ty allows. To be honest my expectations of the voicing in the 3 designs, W1's , W2's, Lin Sig Sys will be that the 3 will voice different in a minimial sense. IOW each design will offer something unique to each listeners ears and in such a subtle difference that you really can't go wrong with any of the 3. Though which of the 3 is best(style of music, SP level, etc) for you , only you can determine. Of the 3, the Lin Sig Sys appeals most.
hey paul i noticed that ty created the woodmere twos not long ago, it got the best of me and i gave him a call, what he told me compared to the lss was the bass goes a little deeper, and thats about it, all in all they resemble the lss pretty close in sound according to ty, i sure love the look of them though.
good news on your return to new orleans, glad to hear it,
I know the W15 and I found it really beautifull!

I often listen to classical music (solo instruments, voices, choirs, organ) or classic pop.

Bass is always very important for me, but not over-extra and fat. I like to felt the deep organ tones, but not in a overwhelming way.