Tyler Acoustics PD-80's arrived

I don't even know where to begin so I may jump around a bit, but here goes.

Tyler PD-80's with built in sub amps.
They are BIG, I actually felt intimidated.
They are HEAVY, you'll never move them around alone.

I don't claim to be an audiophile, but I do know what does and doesn't sound good to ME.

The sound is much better than I had imagined. I figured they would be great for loud listening, but I had no idea they would sound as good as they do at low volumes. Right now I am listening to Diana Krall and the Mcintosh is peaking out around 0.35 watts and it sounds absolutely fantastic. I am hearing sooo many subtle things I never had before.
As for loud, it is almost scary. Super tight punchy bass I never expected from 2-15 inch woofers. No boom no lagging just plain old blur your vision slam. The mids and highs are super clean and crisp and Ty was right the horn does sound more like a normal tweeter. I am not hearing anything harsh or anything else that shouldn't be there.

As for Ty of Tyler Acoustics, you've heard it all before, he's an awesome guy!!!

If any of you are in the Calgary area and would like a listen, you are absolutely more than welcome to contact me.

its good to hear you like really like ty's new speaker. his speakers probably offer some of the best performance vs. price in the industry. this design was to offer the consumer the touch of a audiophile speaker but with balls to the walls performance, especially when driven HARD. TY's speakers have also caught the eye of THE ABSOLUTE SOUND reviewer ROBERT E. GREEN. he was raving about the sound of ty's speaker line at the 2005 THE S.H.O.W. and gave his various speaker lines and his company high honors. at the 2006 CES SHOW he listened to one of the smaller version's of TY'S new line the pd-20. he was again impressed with what he was hearing especially with a horn tweeter. this line varies from his traditional audiophile speaker lines. this design was to bring the fun back into listening to music before we were being told HOW THINGS SHOULD SOUND. from what you have reported it sounds like TY hit a homerun !!! its not to often a factory direct company gets recognition from a magazine where the company does no advertising. now open that MAC AMP up and let us know what they sound like CRANKED !!!!!

bill leahy
Nuguy: Congratulations. I hope you enjoy them for a long time. What was your short list of speakers and how did you select Tyers?

For all thosw who know: What's the difference between Tyler's old and new speaker lines, especially for classical music, from low volume to high, from solo voice to complex orchestral?
I had interest in many speakers. In no order here's a few.
Von Schweikert VR4JR
Silverline Sonata
Gallo Ref 3
Oskar Syrinx
Green Mountain Continuums
Tyler Linbrook Sigs
Krell Resolution 2

I guess the big reason for my decision to go with the PD80's was performance, I do listen loud. I have read that some of my other choices play quite loud as well, but I can say without hesitation the PD's would without a doubt BLOW them away. My PA system used to impress me, not any more.

I was hesitant buying such a high efficient speaker. Many members here claim the horn overpowers the midbass and bass creating an imbalance and I have also experienced this issue in the past. All I can say is Ty has dealt with the issue. These things are fast and the drivers work well together. For loud music I am totally satisfied.

As I said before they sound quite good at lower volumes as well, but you can't always have the best of both worlds. Ty has his other lines that excel in this category.

To answer how I selected Tylers. Ty has a huge following of
satisfied customers. If anyone has any interest in Tyler Acoustics CALL him. If you don't like them send them back and get a refund. HOW can you go wrong? The guy knows what he's got and he proud of it as he should be.

I haven't broken it to my wife yet, but I think next year I will buy a set of Linbrook Sigs as well. This way I can switch back and fourth depending on my mood. Speaking of the wife she's starting to freak out right now (I sit here too much)so I have to end it here!!!

Happy listening all

Very interesting new design for Ty. I owned a pair of Tyler Taylo Reference Monitors several pairs of speakers ago and enjoyed my time with them. I had not seen his new horn loaded models. Very interesting. That is great you you are enjoying your music again as that is the important part of this hobby.

You must really like your music loud as I read Ty's blurb suggesting them for Churches, Theatres, and Pro-Gear Setups.