Tyler acoustics questions

I am zeroing in on either the Tylo monitor or the Linbrook sigs & would like to know what folks found to be the dfference in the midrange.I have a sub but if I bought the Taylos (save a thousand) what would you have to statr your sub at to run in parallel i.e I would use the preout on my RA Tempest II. I prefer to set my sub for music set at the lowest 50 Hz which seems to match it best with the quicker 6-7 inch driver with most monitor speakers .Do the Taylos do a honest 50 Hz in which case it is no doubt the better choice especially since my tube amp produces way more watts into 8 ohms than the 4 ohm sigs.(probably a better match)

The other issue is the tweeter .I see most folks lprefer the millenium a little more however I am looking for the smoothest one in the upper mids with the best rendering of siblance. My sense is the Scanspeak may be a little smoother & less peaky with a tad less presence in this area.Comments?


First I want to say that Ty has offered me nothing but the highest quality of service. In the brief listening I had of the speakers before the short in the crossover became apparent revealed a fantastic speaker that was notwithstanding the issue that emerged due to what Ty described as a broken crossover due to the box being dropped. The speakers were almost totally broken in by the time this became apparent so it was a subtle piece of damage that became more apparent over time as the speaker seemed overly bright at first relative to the other one(the short).With close to 200 hours on them before the ragged sound began to appear…. I did notice that the 200 hours is about right for the tweeter break in .My Dynaudio based Silverlines took almost 500 hours to sound good. I plan on writing a brief comparison between the sig mon & the SR-17v3 as per another request here a month or so back.I can see there will be pluses & minuses however overall I think the sig mons had more going for them,however I will have wait until I get a pair that are undamaged.Again ,let me say that Ty said this was because the box was dropped.

I did not mean to disparage Ty or his product but just wondered about such heavy speakers being perhaps “underpacked”. I went downstairs & looked at the same type of box the stands came in & closely examined the caps again. Perhaps you guys are right ,…maybe this is heavy duty enough ,I don't know as I am have only received speakers from the US like Silverlines that were much more heavy duty in the packing & triple boxed.
Ty,said his FedEx site was down which is why he went UPS however I have a few friends that had UPS handling equipment that arrived in literal boxes of broken junk. Perhaps I panicked a bit because of my frustration over my broken speaker & was frustrated when it did not come FedEx which usually guarantees a efficient safe delivery .Ty,seems to think they will be Ok this time despite UPS as I did query his choice. I trust Ty,as I have spoken with him numerous times & you are right about being just a super guy with a great product. I also know that if UPS caused any damage Ty would handle it as he did with this last one .I apologize if I cause him any grief sales wise & should have thought of that before I wrote this. I did not think of it effecting his sales but rather was curious as to the packing .I was trying to solicit the opinions of others on this , thus assuaging my anxiety about what might arrive here in due course.
If my speaker(s) arrive via UPS & are undamaged, I plan to write a piece noting this as a “timex torture test” for sure .I now feel badly about writing this piece when you mentioned it could damage his reputation & will do everything in my power to make up for it.
I know Ty was most likely just trying to get the speaker back to me ASP.
We can all understand your frustration, and are glad to see how that it all worked out. Yes Ty was trying to get your speaker back ASAP. But Ty should have known of UPS with heavy packages, their unreliability and should have suggested to you to wait til he gets with FEDEX to ship your speaker. Also Ty should/could have placed an extra cardboard box...no thats asking too much. Ty took a chance on UPS and its proven that shipping heavy packages with UPS 'can be a bit risky', whereas with FEDEX, the risk of damage factor is much lower. From your experience I doubt if Ty ever uses UPS again. Though your case may be his only bad run in with UPS. You may have brought this issue to ty's awareness and so future issues of damage in shipping can be even further avoided. On my heavy Jadis amp that came 2 months ago, there were 2 FEDEX employees unloading. With UPS most likely only one would have been dispatched. The seller told me he only uses FEDEX, never UPS. Ty should certainly take note.
Keep us posted on your review of the Sig Monitor. btw the Sig Monitor is not a heavy speaker, such as the Lin Sig Sys, not sure how UPS goofed with such a reasonable load.
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>>Ah yes UPS is notorious for rough handling<<

Sorry that is incorrect. There are no companies known for "rough handling". However, all companies have employees that are "rough handlers".

Big difference.
I can agree, there are most likely a few accidents with FEDEX as well. BUT! With FEDEX in command you sleep better at night.
Really Bartok? Unless you have some statistics or data to back it up, your post is strictly conjecture.

As usual.