Tyler acoustics questions

I am zeroing in on either the Tylo monitor or the Linbrook sigs & would like to know what folks found to be the dfference in the midrange.I have a sub but if I bought the Taylos (save a thousand) what would you have to statr your sub at to run in parallel i.e I would use the preout on my RA Tempest II. I prefer to set my sub for music set at the lowest 50 Hz which seems to match it best with the quicker 6-7 inch driver with most monitor speakers .Do the Taylos do a honest 50 Hz in which case it is no doubt the better choice especially since my tube amp produces way more watts into 8 ohms than the 4 ohm sigs.(probably a better match)

The other issue is the tweeter .I see most folks lprefer the millenium a little more however I am looking for the smoothest one in the upper mids with the best rendering of siblance. My sense is the Scanspeak may be a little smoother & less peaky with a tad less presence in this area.Comments?


I can agree, there are most likely a few accidents with FEDEX as well. BUT! With FEDEX in command you sleep better at night.
Really Bartok? Unless you have some statistics or data to back it up, your post is strictly conjecture.

As usual.
I have it from a good source that all companies in the shipping business have less then tenth of one percentage damaged items upon delivery.The tweeter in my "offending speaker” had a brighter sound that over the break-in period started to sound rough & then very ragged & disorted when the volume was turn up by the time the speakers were broken in. Tyler says it was easy to fix as a crossover board became loose when the box was dropped by Global & hence the distortion started to creep in.Ty,said once that was fixed the problem totally disappeared and no damage occurred to the tweeter so they must be very hardy as this tweeter sound extremely distorted when it left here especially when turned up .I hope the tweeter will be OK long term .Tyler said he played the speakers over night with a Denon receiver thenagain in the morning including loud when the binding poosts were installed .His test the next day at loud levels revealed no distortion in the tweeter & as closely as he could determine with a Denon Receiver(I hope he used a CD source at least) the speakers sounded the way they should.I would rather of had him take them home & check them out carefully with good electronics as that tweeter did not sound good when it left here.It costs me lots money every time I send things over the border.

I believe Tyler will make good if this speaker is not quite right. I now wish I had spent the money & just bought new although he said he replaced the drivers & crossovers,to his credit. The other speaker I sent back for a upgrade as it sounded thin a hard when played by itself so I asked him to play the system as whole to make sure they sound like sig monitors so I am not sure given the testing is done with a receiver.I just have to trust that Ty would be meticulous given my shipping distance & the cost each time they cross the border. He has a lot of experience & has sold 300 or so of these sig mons so I have to go with the reputation of the man & the speaker which is exemplary. In the end I know I will end up with a properly sounding pair of speakers..as Ty will see me through.He is 100% committed to his customers even though I do not understand his logic on this one.
I ship/receive about 25 packages per week using FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and BAX Global. I've had very few problems and the figure you quote wouldn't suprise me.

As I stated previously, for anybody to make a claim that one company is particularly rough handling is just plain stupid. He clearly knows not of what he speaks. For the record and contrary to his assertion, I find the UPS folks courteous and careful.
.That is reassuring. I hope everything is all right when the speakers arrives as I do not want the hassle of another cross border shipment. You would not believe what I had to go through last time when the speaker arrived .I trust Tyler ,howeverr being a perfectionist I would have preferred a new tweeter & to have the whole system checked out on a audiphile grade system. Let’s hope I get lucky & get a matched pair without bad crossover parts or drivers. I know Tyler will make good as he just emailed me again with reassurances (what a guy) however it is all the hassle moving product across the border & having to prove to them every time that it is a repair item, not a purchase. You still get hit with brokerage every time & I would not dare have Tyler pay this at the good price he sold the speakers at plus the free service to date. He is a really good guy & I suspect if I get a properly functioning pair of sig mons, given the array & even choice of good equipment I have, that I can make them sing. I have not heard of anyone yet who has purchased these speakers that just does not love them. What is doubly impressive is all the high quality speakers these folks have owned prior to settling on the sig mons …if you go to the audio review site and of course look around on Audiogon.