Tyler and Acoustic Zen reviews in TAS

Current issue of TAS has Sallie R(?) reviewing Tyler Linbrook II and Acoustic Zen Adagios. Both get glowing reviews. What I found really odd is that while the speakers are priced similarly and the reviews are by the same person in the the same issue, there is not a single sentence of comparison in either review. I find that baffling. Frankly, this diminishes my trust in the reviewer as well as the editor who should not have let this pass.

In the Tyler review she makes a few comparative remarks against her reference Spendor S8e. The gist is something like this: If you divide up the sound spectrum into parts (lower mid range, mid bass, etc) then Spendor gets more of these right. However, in toto, she finds the Tylers more magical or special or whatever the adjective is. Still, she does seem to prefer the Spendors. Make of it whatever you will.

Everyone is entitled to personal taste without being able to rationally explain it all. So I don't mind that. But I thought a serious reviewer should have compared Adagios to the other two.

I am curious what others thought of this in case you saw the reviews, and how you think the three speakers (Tyler Linbrook II, AZ Adagio, Spendor S8e) compare.
I'm hoping to hear a(not sure which model) tomorrow. So those who are about to click the "pay now' link to the Spendor may want to wait.
AK as I mentioned on your post earlier over on the Tyler topic, I'm with you on this one. Sally is following the same pattern as all "pro" audio reviewers. make the review as nice and tempting as possible, but never give anything a perfect score, be a bit vague at times also. But never outoutright compare, you can jepordize potential ad contracts. And if they don't advertize with us (as Tyler has not and never will, Ty doesn't need to) then you are free to amke mention of a line that does da with us.....this is pretty much how these reviews go, which is why I avoid redaing anything in the mags. The Tyler review was an exception.
btw I did not see any spendor ads in Absolute Sounds latest issue, but suspect they have a contract in the past. can anyone tell me if spendor is in TAS witha n ad from recent issues. Greatly appreciated if you would.

I decided to start an independent thread on these particular issues (TAS reviews, the Adagio review, etc), so people who are not following the other thread may also share their thoughts and experience.

BTW, while I am sure that advertising affects a magazine's slant, it may well be that Sallie personally is fond of that one Spendor model. Personal likes and dislikes are fine and have their place, so I a ok with that as long as everything else added up.

I still found it odd that no mention of either Tylers or her "reference" Spendors was made in the Adagio review. I had to read it fast (Wife waiting by the door!) so could have missed a breezy mention.

However, as they say, never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidiity or incompetence...
No you were spot on about the pecularity of Sallie not bringing up the 'reference' spendors and the '2nd place reference" the Tylers, in her "stunning" impression of the Zen.
btw I only made it through the place where she starts into her praise for the Zen. I felt I heard that somewhere before on another spaeker...same issue...same author.
As I say I did respect her comments on the Tyler, at times. As I;m a fan of the Seas', but open minded, I felt no need to read through a review on a speaker i have no intentions of buying and no doubt will never hear for myself.

I amde an attempt to read the article where TAS editors/writers get together and talk discuss, just what is absolute sound, does it exsist, is it for real. Got rather bored quickly and made little sesne out of what they were attempting to say.
I'm sure they are on the same page though. I know I would not be welcomed in their circle, neither would I want to join in.
Your question assumes that Sallie had both the Tyler and Acoustic Zen speakers in her listening room at the same time, which may or may not be the case. Even though the two reviews appear in the same issue, they may have been written months apart. If that's the case, then it's a reasonable choice not to compare speaker "A" to your _memory_ of speaker "B."
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