Tyler Decade D4M

I'm looking for new stand mounts and am curious if anyone has heard the new Tyler Decade series, specifically the D4Ms. How would you classify them - warmish, coolish - full, harmonically rich with good body reproduction of the note or open and quick with good leading transient edge definition? Or if not exactly falling into these exact categories, which style of music reproduction does it most closely adhere to?

Call or e-mail Ty Lashbrook and talk to him.He is a straight up businessman and will not BS you.Check out the Tyler Acoustics website and see his warranty and return policies, very generous to say the least.

tyleracoustica@mindspring.com (270)691-9500
Fairly neutral and leaning toward open and quick with very good leading edges. Does not roll off so a warmish full sounding amp can be used. Female vocals are a big strength. This is what I hear with the D3. D4 should have a little less bass but I think the highs would be pretty close.
Thanks for the info. I did talk to Guy at length and he actually described the speakers as Jp1208 did.