tyler linbrook signatures vs. b&w 802

I have narrowed it down to these Two speakers. I have heard the B&Ws but not the Tyler on piece system .Which would be the best choice ..Thanks everyone...Joe
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Why do I get the feeling this thread is a Tyler marketting campaign? Reminds me of all those Axiom threads on AVSForums awhile back.
I thought you first advised everyone to not trust anyone on here to give an uncolored opinion (I assumed you included yourself in that statement)? Now you are accusing every poster on this thread (even the owners of other brands like Von Schweikert) of participating in a Tyler marketing campaign? I am sure Krellm7 in particular would not agree, as it primarily was his original response that jump started the entire string of other responses, IMO. You could easily make the same charge against B&W with respect to his and your posts... Of course either charge would be wrong... In my mind, these are just posters voicing their opinions based on their own set of preferences (including you and Krellm7). As you have already mentioned that you are happy with your B&W 802Ds, why should you care if others prefer the Linbrooks (or any other brand for that matter)... as long as *you* are happy, that's all that matters right?

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Jkalman - For what it's worth, if there's one thing that Ty can do better, it's more sophisticated marketing. ;-) Seriously, he just doesn't think that way at all. And to try and influence a thread like this is totally out of character for him.

I've spent a couple of long afternoons at his place and we've talked at shows and elsewhere, so I know him a bit. He is just as laid back and unassuming as you could ever want. He believes in his product, but he figures it's up to you to decide if they're right for you. His wife is really nice too.

I've been trying to encourage him to step up his marketing efforts (I'm in the business), but he's content to let it develop at the pace it is. It's too bad, because I think a lot more people would enjoy his stuff.
I don't think there is such a thing as a noncolored opinion. We all hear in our own way: Sometimes with our ears, sometimes with our pocketbook, sometimes through reviewers words, sometimes through advertising and the list of influences goes on. It ultimately boils down to what your satisfied with.

In regard to business, it's a free market. B&W owners/dealers/fans are free to post here, or anywhere else. That being the case, it raises the question why the B&W posters seem to be less in this thread. Is it 1)an oversight 2) too busy listening to their speakers to post or 3)a throwing in of the towel?

Regardless, this lack of B&W presence does undoubtably make this thread look Tyler heavy. Can't tell what the B&W dealers/owners/fans believe but from what Advent says "Ty" believes in his product and his satisfied customers appear to believe in him.

Seems like, what Jkalman is saying is perhaps the Tyler owners should not post as much because, at least in this thread, B&W is not faring as well as he thinks they deserve. Since B&W has won many awards, then surely anyone here saying Tylers are better must be dealers or have "vested interests."

Not sure if I buy this line of thinking as we ALL have colored opinons but to each his own. I for one am not a speaker salesman- perhapse not all the posters here can say the same. Just curious Jkalman can you?