Tyler Woodmere II: any advices?

I am thinking about jumping the gun on one of these thinking these could be my "ultimate speakers" (cannot justfy more than $10k on speakers ever) but need to hear from owners of that very model what their experience and recommendations would be in terms of amplification (qualifty, quantity), room, and set up in general. My room will be fairly large 25*15*9 open on one side to about same room.
I've had a couple of Tyler speakers and B&Ws, loved both, totally impressed by the build quality of the B&Ws ... but they took (albeit with great ease) large horsepower to let them bloom, bring them to life, which was overwhelming in a very positive way, but the Tylers could respond in equally pleasing ways ... at lower volumes ... which for me meant the Tylers were more versatile ... you won't actually go wrong with either, but I'd bet that the Tylers will make you forget about checking out other speakers ... at least until that natural curiosity returns
Hi Kanuk...
Rtilden says it best...I would add my own experience not with the II's...but with the BIG brother..The Woodmere.

I've had mine for a little over 3 months and can honestly say that I not only continue to be impressed with the craftmanship, but the SOUND.. I mean,my GOD does this speaker make MUSIC?...You bet they do!..hands down the finest quality music making I've ever heard...and I've heard more than my fair share of speakers in my nearly 35 years of having an audio system in my home. If you're anywhere near Louisville, KY, I would be glad to welcome you in to my home for a demo.

FYI...If you decide to get the II's..get the external x-over modification.Makes a good sounding speaker, even better by lowering mechanical and electronic noise.Well worth the modest cost increase.
what happened to the price of the Woodmeres today??? from $7,500 to $12,500 for the IIs and up to $16,500 for the larger model? a reflection of value, cost or someone who starts being more "business" based on product reviews?! at $12,500, are the IIs still a good deal?
YES!...There still a good value...considering that the Seas drivers in the Tylers are being used in some other speaker designs costing 20k or more, ( I'm thinking Joseph Audio and Von Schweikert, to name a few)

The price increase probably better reflects the REAL value of the Tyler's. I remember on several occasions I've talked to Ty and told him I was suprised he was charging so much LESS than his competion.

I suggest you talk to Ty...he's a great guy and just might be able to make a purchase worth it to you, regardless of his advertised prices.

Might I suggest a game plan for you?
1. Call Tyler today and ask about pricing, options and amplification.
2. If you decide to pull the trigger but don't have the ideal amp to drive them, just use the amp you have now and change out amps later. The speakers will still sound great with 50 watts (I don't know how many watts you currently have), they just won't be in "full bloom." As time goes on, pick up your ideal amp.

The speakers are that good, IMO, to buy first. Speakers now and amp later if you must. Hope this helps.