Tyler Woodmere II: any advices?

I am thinking about jumping the gun on one of these thinking these could be my "ultimate speakers" (cannot justfy more than $10k on speakers ever) but need to hear from owners of that very model what their experience and recommendations would be in terms of amplification (qualifty, quantity), room, and set up in general. My room will be fairly large 25*15*9 open on one side to about same room.
I have a Unico Hybrid 80wpc and can always upgrade to the SE if needed if the WIIs are that good. I will check the Linbrook System as well, that would let me some $$$ to upgrade my amp and I believe that Linbrook Sys with better amp will be better than WIIs with a lesser amp. And trade up is always an option with Tyler.
Kanuk my Linbrook sigs are in my room sized 20X30 with cathedral ceiling. My Nuforce ref 9 SE V2s are rated at 300 watts into 4 ohms, which is the sensitivity of LSS. And i get a wide deep sound stage, seamless music delivery those big speakers disappear and very enjoyable music listening sessions that are fatigue free. You will be giving up a better bottom end no doubt but not much else. Doing room node checks my LSS start sounding at 20 cycles and at 25 cycles are playing solid bass sounds. Do try and audition a pair if possible. They may work for you and save you some cash. If i were in your position i would most deffinantly try and give Woodmeres a audition also.
Good luck in your quest
This is what I received via email from a dealer. Obviosuly, the fact that Tyler is bypassing dealers makes me think these are either irrelevant or faulse allegations but since I have reasons to believe that that person may be emailing other Agoners who show interest in Tyler, I invite Ty to come and challenge the following - not that that there is anything wrong with outsourcing cabinet or Xovers, even the very best do it sometimes:

I was told by someone with extensive history in this business that Tyler crossovers are from Madisound parts supply and I don't believe he makes the cabinets either.

His sound at CES this year, using expensive Gill/Art Audio electronics, was a mid fi type of sound, average and ordinary.

The hype on Tyler comes from the Audiogoners that love to buy direct, but that doesn't mean you are getting quality product, or that it will perform, and it doesn't mean that you got a good deal either.

For that amount of investment, there are a lot of alternatives.

Good luck with your search.

Frustrated dealer or legitimate concerns or both?
Really nothing new here, Kanuk. The info on Ty outsourcing his crossovers designs has been well known for for some time. Try doing a search on the Audio Asylum forums and you'll see what i mean.
As far as the cabinets ... This is so far from the truth, it's rediculous. When I took a trip to the Tyler factory I saw for myself Ty sanding away on the very speakers that eventually would be sitting in my living room.

I don't think I was hallucinating.

Your so called "dealer"...has an agenda..one that probably involes you purchasing from him, no doubt.
My conversation with Ty about 5 years ago led me to believe that he is first and foremost a woodworker. So I believe he makes his cabinets, or at least oversees their construction. The bit about him sanding your very speakers sounds like a photo-op.
Ty has also demonstrated fantastic marketing acumen to have brought his enterprise so far. As a company Tyler Acoustics reminds me of Legacy. Both provide "me too" designs where function follows form at a significant distance.
Tyler is a very nice young man who saw an opportunity to turn his woodworking skills into a speaker biz and subsequently discovered the fawning fools who populate the audio world. They sanctified him and begged him to take ever more of their money for ever more expensive cabinets with ever more drivers. Ty's a nice guy. He obliged.