Tyler Woodmere II: any advices?

I am thinking about jumping the gun on one of these thinking these could be my "ultimate speakers" (cannot justfy more than $10k on speakers ever) but need to hear from owners of that very model what their experience and recommendations would be in terms of amplification (qualifty, quantity), room, and set up in general. My room will be fairly large 25*15*9 open on one side to about same room.
OK, Mr. Kanuk:

I have done my best to give you the straight scoop. Here is some more, intended to get to the bottom of where this thread is going.

Are you living in America? Even if you are in Europe, I think that one telephone call to Tyler will clear up all this stuff. After all the sonic praise for Tyler's products, I did not mention an equally important point- Tyler's super great customer service and AVAILABILITY by phone or email to clear up ANY question. If you have not done so, I again recommend that you telephone him today. Mysteries will be debunked!!

Regarding the dealer's claims, NO, they are NOT TRUE. Tyler does buy his crossover components (and designs) from Madisound. If he is not satisfied with his own ears, he re-hires them for another round of design. His wife assembles and solders the crossover components in his shop. His brother is the cabinetmaker. Yes, he makes all cabinets in his shop in Kentucky. See, mysteries debunked! It's that simple. One conversation with Ty and you will see exactly what I mean. Until then, we will see a bunch of questions and chatback.

Good luck- get back with us after your call.
I guess this is my lucky audio day! Another fellow Audiogon members from Montreal just informed me he is getting his pair of WIIs at the end of the month and invited me to come with my amplifier, similar room size, bigger in fact. Easy!
More unfortunate comments from Macrojack.

Count me too as one of the "fawning fools" that are Tyler customers (even though I regularly attend audio shows, peoples' homes and dealers to listen to many other brands each year big and small; keeping up with the other options out there). As for the dealer... sounds indeed like someone with an agenda... Most dealers that are reputable won't talk down competing products... they let their product perform for itself. You won't get a response from Tyler here though as he does not read the discussion boards... too busy building the speakers!

I am happy to hear Kanuk that you will have an opportunity to listen to the speakers yourself in a home setting similar to yours. You can then be your own judge as to whether they satisfy your needs. As for me, I have been an owner (of the Linbrook Signature System) for about 4 years and still have not seen or heard anything to copel me to switch. Still looking...