Types of Audiophiles

The Purist

A good stereo should be a transparent window into the recording session with no opinion or distortion of it’s own


The Dynamics Fanatics

A good stereo is like a thrill ride at a carnival. If I’m not jumping it isn’t worth listening to.


Live and Let Live

It’s all good man, put your money where your heart lies.


The Bean Counter

Buys gear like he’s stocking a used stereo store. Purchase price and retail value determine what comes and goes out.


The Canners

I bought my balanced headphones specifically so you wouldn’t ask me questions while I’m listening to dub step.


The Scientist

You can’t prove you have a soul so all your opinions are meaningless.


The Blind Follower

Can’t hear a difference between amp A and B so he wants to know if he should spend 5x more on B and will wait to be told which to get.


The Brand Loyalist

Falls in love with the idea of a brand or designer and changes his job to accommodate the demands of his audio jewelry


This is good, LOL

I’m a hybrid. ....as long as my poor man’s DIY "Purist" system is working well I’m "Live and Let Live"! If it’s not working, somebody’s gonna die! 😆


Funny shtuff...ha.The chaos seeker and judge...jest based in reality.absolutely.

Forgot the lonely Dunning Kruger expert who posts 13000 times in a sales group.

The Nostalgic

Keeps trying to buy speakers and gear he/she heard in their late teens and when they gets it they are really disappointed.

I just dig listening to tunes but I'm not a music freak, I just like listening to music.