Types of Audiophiles

The Purist

A good stereo should be a transparent window into the recording session with no opinion or distortion of it’s own


The Dynamics Fanatics

A good stereo is like a thrill ride at a carnival. If I’m not jumping it isn’t worth listening to.


Live and Let Live

It’s all good man, put your money where your heart lies.


The Bean Counter

Buys gear like he’s stocking a used stereo store. Purchase price and retail value determine what comes and goes out.


The Canners

I bought my balanced headphones specifically so you wouldn’t ask me questions while I’m listening to dub step.


The Scientist

You can’t prove you have a soul so all your opinions are meaningless.


The Blind Follower

Can’t hear a difference between amp A and B so he wants to know if he should spend 5x more on B and will wait to be told which to get.


The Brand Loyalist

Falls in love with the idea of a brand or designer and changes his job to accommodate the demands of his audio jewelry


The Hans Christian Andersen

One whose system is built at the recommendation, and in the hope of the approbation, of others.

Named in honour of the author of "The Emperor's New Clothes"


If you can listen only.

Eyes open or shut ... reading nothing (phone ,computer)

Not driving,not walking,not cleaning.not back ground music.

That you are not board or restless.

That is a music lover.


I hope you don't think that my definition could ever be thought to apply to anyone on this forum . . .