U.S. Postal Service mail delays

This seems pretty obvious, given the headlines and TV news, but anything shipped during the last few days to or from DC and possibly NJ (because of the illnesses of workers at the Trenton Distribution Center) may be delayed beyond the normal mailing times to these locations. The Washington Post has a map today showing that mail service to and from more than half the zip codes in DC has been suspended. I have been receiving emails from a very disgruntled buyer in Jersey City who still hasn't received the cables I mailed him last Thursday. He wants to know what I intend to do about it. I can only apologize and ask for his patience as mail facilities and Postal Service workers are screened for anthrax! You'd think he would be a little more understanding, esp. since I mailed him the cables before his PayPal payment even cleared into my account. In fact, I mailed the cables about 15 minutes after I received email from PayPal indicating that he had made the payment. I thought I gave him express, speedy, ASAP service, but he is quite upset anyway, since the package hasn't yet arrived (it should only have taken 3 days max, from VA to Jersey City). So if anything is CRUCIAL and MUST be received without delay, please think of using FedEx, UPS, and the like until our mail service is back to normal.
I would like to thank our Postal workers for even continuing to show up for work! At the federal agency where I work, our clerical help, who receives and opens mail for us every day, now has to wear latex gloves and a chintzy mask while performing these duties.
Kinda sad that some people have priorities and attitudes that didn't change following events that will forever change our country as well as the world. Just "keep on smilin'"! It's unfortunate that some people can be such self-centered turds!
Everyone needs to be patient. Not only are things taking longer but companies like UPS are not scanning some of their packages.
Their web-site show's one of my packages in transit, stuck at the Canadian boarder in NY. It just arrived this mourning at my house in California. Another UPS package shipped two days ago hasen't posted to their web-site yet.

Three items I shipped to various parts of the country USPS Priority have been taking a heck of a lot longer then 3 days to get there.

One more complaint and then I'll shut up. I'm waiting on an amp from Canada. I fear to think how long that will take to arrive. Just remember it could be a hell of a lot worse. What if the terroist had done a mass mailer. Can you imagine? Take care:~)
I live in DC and have not received any mail in the last 2 days. I don't know when I'll see it again, the main mail sort facility here is closed for 2 weeks. Tell your buyer to hang in there, it's just life after 9/11.
Your Post Office's receipt for the package should show time and date they received it and all pertinent info such as insurance and delivery tracking numbers as well as the ship to zip code. Perhaps you can scan and email your buyer a copy of it to assure them that you have done all that is within your control. If that still doesn't satisfy them, then they have more problems than a delayed shipment.
As a letter carrier for the U.S.P.S. I must say I am very pleased to see that the majority of people in wich contributed to this forum are understanding.

In the early 80's an average of 16 packages contianing bombs were sent via airplane undetected. Due to the increase of torrorist threats durring the Regan era,the usps implemented a system to better insure the saftey of airline travel. And it worked. We as the employees of the usps ar tought to look for specific criteria to identify "target mail". As of last year the no. of bombs shipped via usps undetected (inspite of a record 242 billion pieces of mail) was only 2.

However, no one was fully preparred for the events on 9/11 or those that followed. But we at the postal service w/ the help of the postal inspection service are concentrating on getting things back to normal w/ out jepardizing the saftey of our customers. DAmon aka husband of 2001 impala