U.S. Symphony Orchestras

Here's a link to a Wikipedia list of US symphony orchestras. What immediately struck me was how large a list it is. For instance, from my adobe in southeast Michigan I have access to four orchestras, including a major one, the Detroit SO. This may sound heretical, but are there too many symphonies? The poor economic health of many of the orchestras would support the over abundance argument. It's possible that a severe contraction in the number of orchestra could occur.

There was a "Gramaphone" article a few years back about the top twenty orchestras in the world. US orchestras showed very strong with seven institutions named. Anybody have any ideas about how to keep the best of these orchestras solvent and still performing?
"Symphony in C", previously known as the "Haddonfield Symphony" in New Jersey is missing.
This is a great discussion. I am traveling with my family to spend the weekend in the city of my nearest symphony (one of the tiny ones on the web link; half the state away) and take in two performances. I would love to hold season tickets, but it is challenging with young children and distance. We also attend many of the summer festivals in the Rockies, which is a great place to bring children because it is more relaxed and you can attend the less expensive rehearsals and chamber performances. I frequently observe that we are the only attendees with children. And yes, they pay attention to the performance, or quietly color during inevitable attention lapses. Where will the future be without fascinating the young?
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"Symphony in C", previously known as the "Haddonfield Symphony" in New Jersey is missing.
Bless your heart! That's the orchestra I serve as a member of the Board of Directors.