U2 Songs of Surrender

Hi All,

Out of curiosity I threw this on over dinner last night and ended up really enjoying it. These are completely new arrangements to songs you already know. Further, the recording quality appears to be top notch, unlike some of their best cuts which I consider very flat and unimpressive recordings.

I’m pretty burned out on this band overall but was impressed by this and suggest everyone with an interest give it a listen.  Curious what others think.  


@rpeluso your impressions match mine.  Seems like there is a lot to dig into with this one....and I only listened on my tube setup! Can't wait to see the detail and imaging downstairs.  

Played the whole thing through earlier, and loved it! Admittedly, I've been a true fan from the beginning -- yes, I'm old -- but I've not enjoyed everything they do. (Like "No Line on the Horizon," for example.) But these new recordings are absolutely fabulous. Bono is in great voice, the new arrangements are fascinating, Edge is quietly on fire, and the sound is so much better than so many U2 albums. And I don't say that to damn it with faint praise. If you have ever liked this band and you enjoy great recordings, I'd highly recommend this record. (I bought the four-CD version, for whatever that is worth.)

-- Howard

@hodu I would say I have a lifelong affinity for them, and that JT and AB are among my favorite records of all time.  That said, when it comes to intersecting this hobby I'm disappointed even with the work of Eno/Lanois, who i normally worship when it comes to production work.  It's good to see the band meet me where I am today, a bit mellower and a bit more refined.  


Here's a true story: When "Achtung Baby" was released, I was living in the first good apartment I'd ever lived in, with the first decent stereo system I'd ever assembled. I was working nights, at a newspaper, and I used to get up in the morning, hit "play" on the Adcom CD player, and listen to "Achtung Baby." I'd drink some coffee, do this and that, head out for lunch, and eventually would head into work. And when I eventually got home, I'd fire up "Achtung Baby" once again. I'm not sure that I've ever listened to any single record more than that one.

And I love it as much today as I did back then.

I also had the great good fortune of seeing them in a very small hall on the "October" tour in the U.S. We were in the front row, too! A couple of years back I ran into on of the guys I was with, that show came up in conversation, and we were both beaming, even all these years later.

After The Beatles, my favorite band.