Uber expensive repair at United Radio

Anybody’s experience with United Radio (East Syracuse) as a service center? I will never do business again with these guys. They charged me $1,971 to repair my Classé Audio C-M600 monoblock amp...Forteen hours @$120/hour to replace two 16 pins chipsets...They provided me a discount on their regular hourly rate, which is normally set at $140/hour...

Quality, customer service is priceless. How does the amp sound?

Happy Listening!
This is exactly  why I  went DIY for all my repairs. 
I rebuilt my amps completely, using high-end boutique parts and still came in below my quoted repairs. 
The mono Block amps now sound Breathtaking. 
Cannot beat DIY. 

Arcticdeth - They replaced two 16 pins IC ($56/each)...

Jasonbourne52 - They did provide an estimate, but what choice did I have? Scrap my monoblock pair? $140/hour to repair an amplifier? I have owned 2 Mercedes and 1 Audi and both  dealership repair tarifs were lower  than United Radio’s...

Jafant - The amp sounds great, but at what cost? Paid $6000 for the used pair. If I include shipping + brokerage fees + repair cost, I basically purchased my monoblock a second time.
I called them this spring to take a look at my McCormick DNA-125.  They wouldn't touch it.  All the techs around here ( Hionfi, Sig Sound) besides them had at least a 8 week back log.  I called Audio classics in Binghamton, they wouldn't work on it either.  But they did recommend a place called Hyle's Audio in Johnson City.  Brought the amp down there and he had it fixed in a week.  Total price was less then $100.

I think the only time I actually had United fix anything was an Alpine car CD player that was under warranty back in the 90's. 
They provided an estimate which you agreed to and now you are complaining about the cost?