Uber expensive repair at United Radio

Anybody’s experience with United Radio (East Syracuse) as a service center? I will never do business again with these guys. They charged me $1,971 to repair my Classé Audio C-M600 monoblock amp...Forteen hours @$120/hour to replace two 16 pins chipsets...They provided me a discount on their regular hourly rate, which is normally set at $140/hour...

Thank you for this recommendation, sounds like United Repair is a great option for amp repairs:

1) Their estimate was accurate
2) They gave you a discount
3) They successfully completed the repair
4) They took on your work in a time when other repair shops are turning away new business

This is exactly the kind of shop I like to do business with. 

14 hours does seem like a lot, but you got them down on their rate.  Hopefully their work is first rate and you never have to worry about amp repairs again.  BTW, what prompted you to seek service?
Ok guys, I will just shut up my big mouth :-). Was just tryting to get some support from my Goner friends. Seems that paying top dollars for an amp repair is part of the hobby.

I feel like a cheap old bastard :-). Final reply on this subject.
My '89 Toyota Camry had an oil leak. Toyota charged $350 to replace a 50 cent "O" ring. Where was the "O" ring and how much of the engine needed to be dismantled to get to it? I have no idea. My point is...