Uber expensive repair at United Radio

Anybody’s experience with United Radio (East Syracuse) as a service center? I will never do business again with these guys. They charged me $1,971 to repair my Classé Audio C-M600 monoblock amp...Forteen hours @$120/hour to replace two 16 pins chipsets...They provided me a discount on their regular hourly rate, which is normally set at $140/hour...
Listen, I'm a proud American but we did spawn the Pontiac Aztec and the Ford Pinto.
Dark dark days, but Ford quality is up there with the most of the Japanese companies. Problem American car companies have is the bean counters don't let the designers do their job. Good thing they keep their hands off trucks. Ya look at the most unreliable, Volks, Land Rover, Jag, Volvo, Chrysler now European owned.
It's not just United Radio.  Places like George Meyer in LA, Pyramid Audio in Austin charge similar rates to work on complicated solid-state electronics, unfortunately for us (fortunately for them!)

While I basically agree with you, this is only true in a competitive market where you would have multiple products/services purchasing options made available to you.