Ultimate outlet or Tice solo high current

Just bought an Ultimate Outlet HC. Saw add for the Tice Solo High Current at near half price. HCM Audio is closing out the Tice gear. I want to plug my CDP and amp into it. Anyone compared the two or have opinions?
I see ultimate outlets around San Diego in high end audio shops and I figured I would buy a couple. For the money they are a steal. I think you need to step up to Audio Magig or something in that price range to compete with PS Audio. Ultimate Outlets might not be the best product out, but they are a very worthy product in my opinion and nothing comes close to them in their price range.
I heard tice highcurrent its noisy,i have the solo av,
i heard the chang, monster conditioners,none come close
with the ps audio.
Got my ultimate outlet today. Makes an incredible difference!! Almost can't believe it for the price.