Yamaha really made this statement:

Glossy black piano finish provides improved signal-to-noise performance



I thought I would seek opportunity to hear these speakers, but now I do not think so






Forget about the whole speaker paint...

"Luxman even hand selects the color paint used on the resistors to identify value and tolerance based on extensive listening tests."

Looks like the NS1000 from the 70”s...First use of Beryllium in speakers...I was at a Yamaha dealer meeting in Indianapolis when they unveiled them.  
A little more from Hokkaido...

"The ear pieces are made from strikingly beautiful traditional Japanese Echizen lacquer-finshed Hokkaido Asada cherry heartwood."

Check the video...

The whole thing looks like a very poorly translated thing, I doubt Yamaha actually meant to say that in Japanese.  Something got clipped.