Uncommonly long RCA IC cables?

My system configuration requires a longer than usual length of RCA cabling from pre to power. Are there any cables out there that work well in passing the signal to say 25 or 30 feet. I know this isn't an issue with balanced but my amps are all single ended designs.
Yep, agree with Kr4 and Viridian about the impedance matching a drive strength. I have 25' SE Mogami ICs myself, which are in parallel with a pair of 1.5m Nordost Valkyrja ICs. They sound great.
Basically you want low capacitance and good shielding and noise rejection. How "low" is "low" will depend on the output impedance of your preamp at high frequencies.

If your preamp's specified nominal output impedance (which is probably a reasonable approximation of its impedance at high frequencies) is below say 250 ohms or so, a good low priced choice would be a cable that utilizes Mogami 2534. Markertek, among many other places, supplies it in rca form.

If your preamp's output impedance is significantly higher than that, you should choose a cable whose capacitance is less than around 20 pf/ft (picofarads per foot). Blue Jeans Cable would be a suitable low priced choice, although its noise immunity would not be as good as the Mogami's. Many high priced alternatives are also available.

Dan -- Just saw your post. Great minds think alike!

-- Al