Under $10k budget Preamp suggestion, please.

I'm upgrading my system and considering next preamp right now in this budget. If possible, I'd like to find ones having retail price around $5-8k. Here's my setup

Transport: Hiend music server using Digital balanced + Superclock as master
D/A: Esoteric D-05 slave to transport
Pre: Considering here.....
Power: Spectral DMA 180 (May change later)
Speaker: Rockport Ankaa

I'm considering Karan KA L at the moment since I couldn't think of better alternatives right now. I feel my system needs a bit more lower frequency for suitable tonal balance because D-05 has inferior bass comparing to Alpha DAC which almost fits in my system.
Tvad and Almarg, do you think one of Ralph's pre amps would work for him being a fully balanced design?
I have no relevant listening experience upon which to base an opinion about how well the Atmasphere preamps would match up sonically with the rest of the op's system. But in terms of design characteristics, specs, and price the MP-3 certainly seems well worth considering.

Its 200kHz bandwidth is somewhat wider than the 100kHz I arbitrarily mentioned, but still seems well within reason relative to the issue I raised.

The MP-1 has a specified bandwidth of 400kHz, but in any event is outside the op's price range unless he purchases it used.

I second Tvad's comments, also.

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-- Al
blue Circle BC3000 MKII with GZPZ upgraded power supply. I believe retail is $11K+, but there is a nice one available here on the 'gon.
My unsatisfying tube preamp...not that I dislike tube but I have tube system in my bedroom so I want to setup solid state system for this time. And I skipped DMC-30 for future upgrades of poweramp.

I may switch to something else at some points of time ahead. But yes, if I were to consider tube preamp for next ones, I'd like to try either First Sound or BAT.

For frequency range, I prefer wider bandwidth since Rockport seems to like it that way. I maybe wrong though.

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