under 2.5k subwoofer match for Dynaudio 3.0

I've just auditioned these speakers and I really love their sound. Planning to scrap my Revel Performa HT set up (F30,C30,M20 and B15) for the 3.0, 1.8 mkII and Center Ch. Just need to know the best sub to use w/these speakers.
my system:

Krell HTS1
Plinius SA-250mkIV
Aragon 8008X3
Pioneer Elite DV-C36

I know the REL Storm III is an excellent sub, I've heard it in action. But there are others out there, including my B15, that are worth mentioning. I would like to hear from all who can help point me in the rite direction. I will start w/one sub but will eventually add another so cost might be something to look at. But for now up to 2.5K is fine. Thanks in advance for your halp.....John
I apologize for the brevity of this reply, but I highly recommend the REl Storm. It is new around 2500 (you can find them cheaper here) and would work well.

Good luck,
I have the Dynaudio Contour speakers myself but the 3.0, Center and the 1.3 MKII for surrounds, anyway another sub to consider is the M&K MX-350 MKII, it's a quick sounding subwoofer that also works for 2 channel listening.
Find a used REL Stadium III, it will blow away the Storm and still fit in your price range. I don't think there's anything comparable at the 2.5K point.