Under Appreciated Jazz Piano Players

The same is the case for any instrument but I would like to mention some piano players that never seem to be mentioned enough. This list is off the top of my head, I am sure you other members have some to add.
Ahmad Jamal
Hampton Hawes
Don Pullen
Horace Silver
Stanley Cowell
Red Garland
Winton Kelly
McCoy Tyner
John Lewis
Kenny Barron
BoBo Stenson.....
Ahmad Jamal (already listed)
Duke Ellington (ditto)
Keith Jarrett - I don't think I saw his name yet...
I would also give a nod to Bruce Hornsby as some of his solo performances are very much in the jazz vein, and he handles himself admirably.
Gene Harris is not only not dead however,but (I found out about it too late to attend)the Gene Harris Jazz Festival is April 4-7 in Boise Idaho.

While Gene's spirit is definitely alive at his namesake festival, he's been playing to packed houses at The Pearly Gate since January 16, 2000. A great player who's music always left me feeling happy, no matter the mood.
Phineas Newborn Jr.!

Agree with Surfgod. Ruben's gone now, but even in his late 70's he could still run up and down the keyboard.