Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?

I have Ascend towers (45lbs each) on a concrete floor covered in thin wall to wall with an area rug on top of that. I am looking into different footers for my speakers and am curious what people with towers on concrete have tried and liked.

To my mind, something as expensive as Townshend platforms do not seem worth it, as they'd cost about a third of the price of the speakers themselves.

If you've tried Gaia III isolators or other kinds of feet for your speakers, especially on concrete floors, I'm curious to hear your observations. Thanks.


@hilde45 I bought Gaia II for my Burmester BA31, I didn’t feel any difference on concrete floor. Moreover they stick on the floor tiles and it’s more difficult to move the speakers. I think it will make a difference on the wood floor.

+1 @avanti1960 

Also try Tiptoes if you can find them. Used them with excellent results back in the 80s.

I use GAIA II under my GE Triton Refs.   I brought everything into focus, bass was a little tighter and overall presentation was greatly enhanced.  One of my best investments. 

I've read nothing but how good of a value  with the products that Norman Varney provides: