Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?

I have Ascend towers (45lbs each) on a concrete floor covered in thin wall to wall with an area rug on top of that. I am looking into different footers for my speakers and am curious what people with towers on concrete have tried and liked.

To my mind, something as expensive as Townshend platforms do not seem worth it, as they'd cost about a third of the price of the speakers themselves.

If you've tried Gaia III isolators or other kinds of feet for your speakers, especially on concrete floors, I'm curious to hear your observations. Thanks.


I've been using some nice inexpensive things I got on ebay but for speakers I think I might do a bit more. 


Townshend seismic podiums are the sweet spot especially when used on a wooden suspended floor 

Gaia footers do everything well.  I've used them under 2 different pairs of towers:  ATC 40 and ATC 50 actives.  In both cases attack, dynamics, space around voices/instruments improved.  Noise level dropped, hence a blacker background.  Well worth investment for now and future speaker upgrades.  Mine were on carpet over subfloor .

Enter Townshend No. 3 podiums and everything took another big step forward in all of the aforementioned areas.  If you do go with the Gaia footers on an area rug or carpet on top of concrete, well then the carpet spikes are necessary.


My room has carpet over wooden floors.  I am also using the carpet spikes