Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?

I have Ascend towers (45lbs each) on a concrete floor covered in thin wall to wall with an area rug on top of that. I am looking into different footers for my speakers and am curious what people with towers on concrete have tried and liked.

To my mind, something as expensive as Townshend platforms do not seem worth it, as they'd cost about a third of the price of the speakers themselves.

If you've tried Gaia III isolators or other kinds of feet for your speakers, especially on concrete floors, I'm curious to hear your observations. Thanks.


Not sure if you saw my OP mentioning that I have a concrete floor not a wooden. I can see how smitten you are with Townshend seismic podiums, though!

Your comment is much appreciated and relevant -- I like your long distance thinking!
"Well worth investment for now and future speaker upgrades.  Mine were on carpet over subfloor."
Are you saying that the best solution (apart from Townshend) might be Gaia plust carpert spikes?
@stereo5  I see -- you like the Gaia II's on your carpet plus wooden floor; I'm trying to figure out the outcome on a concrete floor. I've heard those are very different kinds of floors to deal with. 


I have a hardwood floor covered by carpet and pad. I put down a piece of granite on the carpet and am using the Gaia 1’s under my reference 5’s. They made an immediate improvement. If your floor is concrete, I’ll bet you won’t need the granite. 😃

while I’ve rearranged my system, you can see the speakers with the Gaia’s in my Agon photos.

I tried concrete slabs and Gaia's ll under my Audiovector R6 arrete but  still had bass reverb you can do a Townshend search on the Audiogon  forum and read up on other members success with Townshend 

@hilde45     Yes, the Gaia work quite well doing all they need do.  For lots more money it's the Townshend.  If on carpet/rug the carpet spikes used in conjunction improved the sound as much as the footers.  Really a weird affect to me.

@hilde45  - Are the bases already drilled/tapped for spikes/feet? If so, I would recommend a set out outriggers from parts-express. It will provide a bit wider stance, increasing stability, and provides a good platform for the spikes. The spikes will pierce the carpet and go down to the concrete, providing a nice stable base for your tower speakers. You can still use them if your speakers are not tapped, but you'll need to drill holes for the anchors.