Under my tower speakers -- Isoacoustics Gaia, other options?

I have Ascend towers (45lbs each) on a concrete floor covered in thin wall to wall with an area rug on top of that. I am looking into different footers for my speakers and am curious what people with towers on concrete have tried and liked.

To my mind, something as expensive as Townshend platforms do not seem worth it, as they'd cost about a third of the price of the speakers themselves.

If you've tried Gaia III isolators or other kinds of feet for your speakers, especially on concrete floors, I'm curious to hear your observations. Thanks.


@dmk_hifi  The carpet spikes under Gaia footers should not be feared.  Two person job, or a really smart dog helping.  After footers are set, simply tilt back some and have the other person or dog place under the center of the footer.  Repeat.

I have the Gaia 1's under my Focal Sopra II's, they made a huge difference and improved the sound tremendously which surprised me because the Sopra's sounds so good to start with.

Thanks Robert (audiopoint) for the in depth discussion on the science of vibrational energy. Very long but because of recent experiences I read every word.

I am just someone who loves music and like most here have had a lifelong passion to get the most out of what gear we aquire. I have had my speakers on Townshend Podiums for almost a year and extremely pleased. So much so that I now have their Platform under my CD player. 

In your discussion you talked about coupling and transferring of vibration via metal contact surface. I understand that to mean a larger “contact patch” being beneficial. 
At some point in my research before purchasing my Podiums someone had commented that it was optimum for the loudspeaker cabinet to sit directly on the surface of Podium. When I initially setup the Platform under my Simaudio cdp, because I had already been using Symposium Rollerblock 2+ for years with excellent results, I placed them between it and the Platform. Nearly unlistenable and metallic sounding and very strange cancellations of some frequencies. All of this a new experience for me. Tried other soft footers and they all helped to rid the metallic aspect but it was obvious threre was still a resonance issue with disappearing solos or cymbal crashes. 
My last resort were a set of three stainless steel metal plates that I had been using in conjunction with the Rollerblocks. These were the answer! Kind of expected it all along but could never get confirmation from Townshend regarding the “contact patch”.

Someone upthread mentioned they were acquiring a couple Platforms and I would be interested to hear how they end up interfacing to the Platform. Because of my excellent experience with the Podiums my initial plan for the CD player was to placed “naked” on the Platform but because of a dozen or more button head screws (of different size) on the bottom I needed something at least 1/8” thick. 

The Podiums were such a revelation to me. I’m 63 and since the early 80’s have always used spikes under speakers. Game changer, personally. Really what started this journey was a Symposium Segue Iso under rigid Xerxes turntable to help alleviate footfall disturbances and it did this very well which led to more research on my part. Where I am at this point is that I believe acquiring a set of Precision Couplers or Super Couplers might be the cat’s meow….


I've used GAIA IIs, spikes and springs under Spatial Audio X3s and much preferred the springs. Isoacoustics GAIA are a pain with heavy speakers on hardwood floors as they stick to the floor and you can't slide them easily.

The springs I used were modified Nobosound. The mods are easy, just drill a clearance hole then use a nut and bolt like this:

I recently switched speakers to Piega C40s and couldn't use the spring system so went back to the GAIA feet. Pain in the rear to get the speakers to move on my hardwood flooring. Then I tried Herbies gliders and they work great.

I cut wax paper into squares and placed them under the Gaia’s on my speakers until I got them into their final position.  I probably could have left the wax paper under them but I could not rest knowing the wax paper was there.  Did the sound change when I removed the wax paper?  Not at all.