Underestimated, song, artist or group '' gems'' ?

In any category of music you choose ( pop, opera, jazz, rock, folk - whatever ), I would like to find out about ''hidden gems'' - artists, groups or even songs and music that are not widely known or appreciated....you could include songwriters too.

I just feel that part of the excitement of discovering new music can also include past unknown gems that would be worth listening to....

Some of my ''underestimated'' favorites :

Many Elvis Costello tunes
Leonard Cohen's songs
Symphonic ''re-arrangements'' by Leppard in baroque music
The group ''Blue Rodeo''
The group (now extinct) Soul Attorneys - incredible, worth seeking out (Sony Music)
Sonicbeauty, I don't know how old you are (I'm 38) but give Steve Forbert a listen. His cd "American In Me" (1998)is one of my all-time favorites. It's strong and great songwriting on it. I second The Tragically Hip recommendation. Beth Orton has some great stuff out too! I you're lookin' for something more current check out Interpol, a band out of New York (think Echo and the Bunnymen meet David Bowie).

Oh well back to work (this is fun though)!
i cant believe i am saying this but the lisa marie presley
disc is great good recording good performance i saw her live and she sucked was really surprised how much i enjoyed the cd ted thanks
I'd echo Synthfreak's recommendation of Nick Drake. Especially 'Pink Moon'. Timeless (even though it's over 30 years old).


XTC- Nonsuch
Peter Gabriel - Passion
Budd/Eno - The Pearl
Michael Brook - Cobalt Blue
Talk Talk - Colour of Spring
Lou Reed - Magic & Loss
Miles Davis - In A Silent Way

Additionally, the ECM catalog is littered with gems.

Burton Garr - Mighty Long Road
This is the blues artist the record stores in the Big Easy listen to. Find it, buy several copies and share with friends. Easliy the best find I've made in 5 years.