underrated or unheard of musician/band

Hopefully this thread will lead us all to new non-commercialized things to listen to. There is a ton of talent hiding out there so here we go, lets uncover some!

Hacienda Brothers. Twang all the way with a touch of south of the boarder, some blues and some rockabilly sometimes all in the same song (it works trust me). They have , among others, Dave Gonzolas, the guitarist for the Palidans (rockabilly hardcores) a great pedal player and Chris Gafney doing vocals. First album just came out. Definately a live show band.

Dave Alvin great songwriting IMO. every song tells a story and most of them aint happy. Covers roots rock, country, blues. Museam of hearts is a good start as is king of california.

Curtis Salgodo. Another live show guy. The songs are good but the recordings don't carry his passion. not to say the recordings aren't good. Soul, R&B and Blues. has done stints with roomfull of blues and santana.

Tinsley Ellis. king of blues and Blues rock. great playing, great voice and usually great songs. Would smoke Clapton on a bad night IMO. Killer live shows and the recordings carry the ball as well.

Afro Celt Sound System Celtic music blended with electronic under tutalidge, if not leadership, of Peter Gabriel.

Sonia Dada. white chicago rock band meets black street singer group and the rest is history. Great live, great late at night loud. Kida funky, kida soulfull. Vocals as you might expect are very good.

Ray Condo and the Ricochets. Unfortunately Ray passed last year so live shows are out. Too bad because the consistantly rate as some of the most fun i've ever seen. Country Swing and honky tonk.

Danny Gatton and (i'm in a big brain fade here on the first name. Robert i think. age sucks) Gordon "The humbler." OK among guitar players he ain't unknown and being rated as a god by guitarists and winning guitar players best player selection ain't exactly underrated he fits based on being called the workds greatist unknown guitarist. Jaw dropping rockabilly here and it was only their 4th gig together. The soundman at a one night gig knew he was on to something so he grabbed a take of the night. Unfortunately Danny couldn't overcome the blues and did himself in a number of years ago.

Shoogie Otis. Just gotta check it out.

I'll think some more and add some more later.
Back again, miss me? I've been listening to three very different female artists lately: Brandi Carlile "The Story", "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde with lead singer/bass Johnette Napolitano, and Nina Hagan "NUNSEXMONKROCK".
First to last could not be more different, all crazy good.
Orhan Demir Trio great jazz guitarist from Canada. He has several hard core guitar albums out.
Originally from Turkey and great for sure... on par w/ McLaughlin, Coryell or early Pat Martino. Wish his recordings were easier to find, (even youtube doesn't have anything). I loaned out Hot Cargo and never got it back. The Guitar Plus recording is probably the easiest one to find but it doesn't give you a lot of his best stuff.
Pharaoh, a metal band out of Philadelphia. Their album "The Longest Night" rates in my top ten all time.

Historically, there were a couple of bands; Medieval out of Kalamazoo and Starfighters out of England that never seemed to make it, that regularly hit my play list.

Hmmm, time to spin some vinyl :)