Unico SE Underwood Level-2 Mods ????

I am considering buying one second hand to drive my JM-Reynaud speakers.
I'd really appreciate hearing from owners of the Integrated - what's it like? What are it's strengths? Any real weaknesses?
I listen mostly to acoustic music, lotsa female vocal.

Thanks in Anticipation
Thanks Cruz123
I'm familiar with that review.
That review sparked my interest, and now there is one available 2nd hand, at a good price. I'm hoping to hear unbiased opinions from real people and owners.
I have read so many positive reviews about gear that I just don't like - I want to canvass widely.
I can't do a home audition before buying, so I'm buying "blind".
I have heard the original Unico on my speakers. Very nice but a tad dark and slow. I believe the SE, especially with the Underwood Mods, overcame these issues, but I still hope to hear from satisfied or unsatisfied users/owners.

I had the Unico and it will not give you what you are looking for.

I was thrilled to have the Level 2 Mods when i bought the new Unico 20 years ago. 

I first saw Sam Tellig's uber enthusiastic standard unit review in Stereophile and then the 6moons mods review.  The final and significant upgrade to meet my audio tastes was some pricey tube rolling with great advice from Upscale Audio and I am still thrilled.

I listen to mainly classic UK rock, pop, reggae, new age, folk and electronic music.  What can I say?  For my tastes, for example, my UK first press of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" has tremendous soundstage, clarity, bass and detail through the moded Unico.  

If you ever need servicing/repairs Parts Connexion in Canada who did my Level 2 Mods still have the same guy Glenn there to really take care of you.  Highly recommended!