Unintended lyrics

Music to sooth the savage beast (breast).What songs do you know that people routinely misunderstand the lyrics, to the concernation or amusement of the artist. For example Dylans's "Excuse me while I turn and kiss the guy" (kiss the sky). Nylons "Give me the Beach Boys and free my soul" (Give me the beat boys and free my soul I want to get lost in the rock and roll)
That old moldy Louie Louie song (I've long forgotten the artist) had to be one of the most controversial 45's ever spun at a high school sock-hop. You can barely understand the lyrics, but that never stopped those fr!(k!^ bible-beaters from imagining the absolute worst.
If not "...a douch another runner in...", what is it? I've been puzzling over this since I first heard Manfred Mann's version 28 years ago. Does anyone know?

How about "We're just stupid entertainers" rather than "We're just stupid. Entertain us." Forget who sings it, but I heard the singer in a radio interview expressing his frustration over the way people hear this lyric, rather than what he meant. Serves him right for knocking his fans.
If you listen closely to Springsteen's version you can make out "wrapped up like a deuce". The Manfred Mann version sound like it was intentionally sung as "wrapped up like a douche".